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Specialty Coffees

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The Art of Coffee


Master Roaster since 1866, we believe in the virtues of slow, natural, artisanal roasting at the heart of the bean with a unique roasting profile for each coffee to bring out a perfect balance of taste between strength, body, bitterness, acidity and floral notes.

We love to share our passion, whether it is through our SCA training at the Coffee Academy, at our roastery, in our Boutiques or through our caffeinated preparations at our Barista Cafés.


We are always on the lookout for new products or ideas to make new coffee-related taste experiences accessible.

We are forerunners in specialty coffees in micro batches, with high taste value and 100% traceable, but also with our partner ECOCAFE SA, in the development of new ways of consuming coffee fruits, such as ICE CASCARA INFUSION.


We favour Specialty, FAIRTRADE and ORGANIC coffees, which ensure a better income for producers, while working to defend biodiversity and a better CO2 footprint.

Our commitment to CASCARA, creates a virtuous ecosystem of a circular economy with additional income for the farmers.

Our Nespresso®* Eco-Capsules are certified compostable (Vinçote) and in our Barista Cafés we favour a “home-made” approach


First and foremost, a coffee is an epicurean pleasure capable of awakening all the senses; beautiful to see, subtle to smell, creamy on the palate and above all delicious to taste. Whether at home or in our Barista Cafés.

And finally the fruit of the coffee tree combines pleasure and health. Indeed it has many virtues, both stimulating and antioxidant. Whether you drink it as an infusion of CASCARA (pulp of the coffee cherry), green in hot herbal teas, or roasted in the form of a small espresso.

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