The Coffee Academy

Information and registration:

CARASSO SA, in exclusive collaboration with EC SuccessFood Sàrl, offers the rich activities around the fantastic coffee world of “THE COFFEE ACADEMY”. SCA modules are available, including:

  • Barista (espresso and its variations)
  • Brewing (slow brewing methods)
  • Sensory (sensory analysis and tasting)
  • Green Coffee (coffee defects, economics and trading)
  • Roasting
  • Introduction to the world of coffee

Additional training courses such as “Latte Art”, “Home Barista” and roasting workshops are also on the program of the COFFE ACADEMY.

Ennio Cantergiani is the SCA (Authorized SCA Trainer) instructor for the Barista and Brewing formations. His training as an ETHZ Engineer in Food Sciences and his professional background have allowed him to gain notoriety in the world of coffee in Switzerland and especially in French-speaking Switzerland. His work on the defects of green coffee is often cited in reference.