Terms and conditions of sale


1.1 These terms and conditions (‘General Terms’) are intended to govern contractual relations between ECOCAFE SA, based at Avenue du Léman 18, 1005 Lausanne, Switzerland (‘ECOCAFE SA’) and anyone placing an order (‘Customer’) on the www.carasso.ch website (hereafter: the “Site”).

1.2 ECOCAFE SA reserves the possibility of adapting or modifying the Terms and Conditions at any time, which will be immediately applicable to any new order.

1.3 On each order, the Customer must confirm that he has been aware of the Terms and Conditions and accepts them. In the event of a dispute, the General Terms in effect at the time of the order will be valid.


2.1 The products sold are described on the www.carasso.ch website at the time of sale. Product characteristics and photos are published on the basis of data provided by the manufacturer and are given only as an indication. Because the reproduction of colors on a computer screen is not perfect, ECOCAFE SA cannot guarantee that the color of the goods is exactly the same as that appearing on the screen.

2.2 Products are available on the Site based on available inventories, subject to changes. ECOCAFE reserves the right to restrict the availability of certain products or product categories for deliveries outside Switzerland.

2.3 Prices are defined as net, in Swiss francs (CHF), including Swiss VAT. For deliveries abroad, Swiss VAT will be deducted from selling prices as far as possible and the Customer will have to pay the customs clearance fees and various taxes applied in the country.

2.4 In addition to the prices listed, the delivery costs listed in the Basket section are added to the order under article 4.2 below.

2.5 By clicking On Place order you give your consent to order selected items in your shopping cart. The sales contract comes into effect when the customer receives the order confirmation email.


3.1 The price of purchases made on the Site is due at the time of order.

3.2 Payment is only made by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) , by Postcard, PostFinance, Twint or by prior bank transfer. The order amount is debited immediately upon confirmation.

3.3 ECOCAFE SA does not have access to confidential information relating to the means of payment. The information entered is encrypted and transmitted to our financial partner securely without ECOCAFE SA being able to access it. The customer’s credit card or Postcard details are encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and do not pass through the network in plain language. The risk of a payment system malfunction is borne by the Customer.


4.1 ECOCAFE SA delivers its products to Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. All deliveries outside Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein will be defined according to the list of countries available when entering the destination/billing of the order. Outside of these countries, a delivery will be established on an approved quote basis between ECOCAFE and the Customer.

4.2 Delivery costs are borne by the Customer. The amount of the delivery fee is shown in the Basket section and is subject to customer approval before each order is validated.

4.3 Products are sent to the delivery address indicated by the Customer at the time of the order. Delivery is carreid out by the services of a carrier. The risks associated with sending the goods to the Customer (risk of loss, destruction, poor delivery address, etc.) are borne by the Customer as soon as ECOCAFE SA hands over the goods to its logistics partner. The costs associated with the return of an unclaimed parcel and its eventual re-shipment are borne by the Customer.

4.4 Delivery times are indicated to the Customer at the time of the order, being specified that they are given only as an indication. As coffees are prepared to order, delivery times in Switzerland are typically in the range of 3 to 5 working days.

4.5 ECOCAFE SA has the right to cancel an order, even if accepted, without the need to indicate the reasons to the Customer. In such a case, the Client’s claims to ECOCAFE SA are limited to the restitution of the amounts paid, excluding any damages.


5.1 When receiving the order, the Customer must immediately inspect the delivered products.

5.2 If one or more of the delivered products are defective, the Customer must notify ECOCAFE SA within 2 business days of receipt, by email to the online@ecocafe.ch address. ECOCAFE SA will confirm by email, within one business day, the correct receipt of the Customer’s announcement. Defect announcements that have not been confirmed by ECOCAFE SA will not be considered valid by ECOCAFE SA.

5.3 In the event of a default, the guarantee of ECOCAFE SA is limited exclusively to the exchange or refund of the defective product.

5.4 Regardless of the existence of a defect, the Customer may, unless specifically stated “cannot be returned”, return his order within 7 working days from the date of receipt, provided that he has before, within 2 working days of receipt of the order, requested a return form by contacting ECOCAFE SA by email at the address online@ecocafe.ch. ECOCAFE SA will only accept returns of products that are in their original packaging, complete and not degraded by the Customer.

5.5 ECOCAFE SA will refund the price of returned products within a maximum of 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods received in return. The delivery costs charged and the shipping costs of the return are the responsibility of the Customer, except in the event of a product defect: ECOCAFE SA will then cover the return costs according to the PostPac Priority rate of the Swiss Post.


6.1 ECOCAFE SA does not provide any warranty on devices purchased on the Site, which are guaranteed by the manufacturer in accordance with the terms and conditions set out by the manufacturer in the original documentation provided with the device.


7.1 The Customer undertakes to use the devices purchased on the Site as directed by the manufacturer and to ensure the necessary maintenance recommended by the manufacturer in order to ensure their proper operation.

7.2 The Customer must keep the invoice, the original packaging and all manuals and accessories of the purchased devices. These parts may be requested in case of warranty repair.


8.1 ECOCAFE SA will make its best efforts to meet its obligations, but cannot be held responsible for delays or lack of delivery arising from circumstances beyond its control, such as strikes, wars, natural disasters or other events of any kind that prevent the production, transport or delivery of products.

8.2 In the event of a delay, ECOCAFE SA will meet its obligations as soon as possible and reserves the right to distribute the remaining product stocks among its customers fairly.


9.1 Customers can place an order on the Site without creating a customer account.

9.2 When connecting to the Site or communicating electronically with ECOCAFE SA, the Customer’s data passes through a public network accessible to all. Data may also cross borders, even if the issuer and recipient reside in the same country. It is therefore not excluded that third parties have access to such information and that they infer the existence of a contractual relationship with ECOCAFE SA.

9.3 ECOCAFE SA may collect, in particular through “cookies” data related to the site’s attendance, including the IP address of the Customer or any other visitor, which are used for statistical, security, system monitoring, management, analysis, marketing and compliance with legal and regulatory obligations. This data is anonymous.

9.4 Personal data is collected online expressly when the Customer registers to place an order. Registration provides an opportunity for ECOCAFE SA to collect basic information such as first name, surname, postal address, email address, phone number, and mobile phone number.

9.5 ECOCAFE SA also reserves the right to register the names, first names, email address and content of the correspondence of any person who sends an email (e-mail or e-mail) to an ECOCAFE SA employee or the site manager in order to be able to reply or inform him of the follow-up of his order.

9.6 The information required by ECOCAFE SA when registering online is limited to the information required for ECOCAFE SA to ensure the best possible service and follow-up. The mandatory information is clearly indicated by an asterisk at the beginning of the title of the field to be filled out.

9.7 ECOCAFE SA is not liable for any inaccuracy regarding personal data if these errors are the result of an erroneous indication on the part of the Customer. In the event of inaccuracies due to other causes, the liability of ECOCAFE SA is limited exclusively to granting the Client the right to access and correct personal data in accordance with Article 10 below.

9.8 Although it does everything possible to protect personal data, ECOCAFE SA is not responsible for the security of the personal data transmitted to it on the Site as it is not possible to fully guarantee the security of transmissions on the Internet. They are communicated to the Customer’s own risks. On the other hand, ECOCAFE SA makes every effort to ensure their confidentiality as soon as it has been entered into its system and to prevent this personal data from being transmitted to third parties other than those possibly involved in the processing of the Customer’s order.


10.1 Subject to any legal obligations to retain the data obtained, any interested party may request, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act of 19 June 1992, to have their data provided by e-mail by sending a written and signed request to ECOCAFE SA. If such data is no longer up to date or is inaccurate or incomplete, the individual may ask ECOCAFE SA to modify the data about him accordingly. He can also ask ECOCAFE SA to delete them at any time.


11.1 ECOCAFE SA and its board members, directors, employees, assistants and shareholders assume no liability for losses and damages of any kind resulting from access to the Site or the use of the information or notices available on this Site or the inability to access or use the information or notices available on this Site.

11.2 In particular, the liability of the Company and its board members, directors, employees, assistants and shareholders, for any injury or loss suffered as a result of an error, technical or not, a transfer failure, an overload situation, a difficulty of use, a service interruption (including the system maintenance service), a delay in the transmission of information, an incompatibility between this Site and the files and/or software of the User (especially with his “browser”) and/or computer, malfunction, interference, transmission of a virus or computer worm to one’s computer, illegal intrusion (e.g. as a result of computer hacking), intentional blocking of telecommunications tools and networks (e.g. as a result of mass mailing or denial-of-service attacks) or any other mismatch by telecommunications or network service providers is excluded.


12.1 If any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions were not valid, non-compliant or not applicable, this does not in any way result in the invalidity, cancellation or non-performance of the other provisions of the General Terms. The invalid, non-compliant or unenforceable clause will be replaced by another valid, compliant and applicable clause that is as relevant as possible to the meaning and purpose of the invalidated clause.


13.1 Only the French version of the General Terms is valid. Any possible translation of the General Terms is only provided for guidance.


14.1 Swiss law is applicable.

14.2 Any dispute related to an order placed on the Site, the Site or resulting from its use or access is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of the Canton of Vaud, subject to possible appeals to the Federal Court in Lausanne.

Lausanne, September 2020

(CG 2020, v.1.0)