Wubanchi Supernatural sca 88


The Guji Wubanchi station is in the Muje keble of Mesina District, Oromia County. Not far away, the famous Yirga Chefe area. The combination of fertile soils, regular rainfall and high altitude yields exceptional coffees. The experimental Supernatural process dries the cherries in bundles (instead of spreading them out) which triggers a partial fermentation. This process generates surprising aromas of melon, orange and pear with a very juicy and smooth body.

100% Arabica / Ethiopia

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Additional information

  • Botanical varietyArabica Heirloom
  • OriginMesina Guji, Station Bule Hora - 2000m
  • PickingHand picked
  • TreatmentNatural
  • DryingSun dried
  • Best beforeBest before 3 months and within 12 months after roasting