Hario Coffee Syphon

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In addition to the true visual spectacle of the depression extraction process, this system provides a very fragrant coffee of great finesse. Hario syphons are of a very high quality and are designed and manufactured in Japan.

Unlike the drainers (present on the Cona), the Hario filter is made of fabric, thanks to this process the coffee is better filtered and free of sediments. The other difference with conventional low-pressure coffee makers is that the brewing chamber is cylindrical, which allows for better control of the process.

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How to use it:

Heat the desired amount of water just before the boiling point (90-95°C) and pour into the bottom jar. Rinse the filter with hot water and return to the top jar. Add the ground coffee (14-20g) to the top jar. Replace the top jar to make sure the seal is waterproof. Place the burner under the coffee maker. When the water starts to rise, mix briefly to saturate the ground coffee. When all the water is in the top jar, reduce the flame a little and mix a second time. After 60 to 90 seconds of brewing, remove the burner and the coffee will start to come down. When the process is complete, gently remove the top jar. Pour and taste.

Additional information

Weight 1250 g
Dimensions 14.5 × 14.5 × 37 cm

black and transparent glass

Net Weight

1.2 kg

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